Around April 5th, 2016, close friends and family of Arianna and her mother Nicole Fitts, realized something was wrong and notified the SFPD immediately. According to one of Nicole’s closest friends she had not been seen or heard from since April first. A police report was filed and the search for Nicole and Arianna began. Early into the investigation Nicole Fitts was found murdered and buried in a shallow grave in McLaren Park in San Francisco.

Arianna was last seen by family in mid-February. She stayed with her babysitter while Nicole was at work and between shifts, because the commute was lengthy and she often worked extra shifts. At some point Nicole had trouble getting her daughter back from the babysitter. Tragically she was murdered before that could happen, and Arianna was kidnapped.

We are still looking for Arianna. She was last seen in Oakland and Emeryville California with the babysitter and the babysitter’s family members. They were last seen living in the San Francisco area during the early parts of the investigation before taking off on the run.

We have not given up looking for Arianna and we hope you could help us in our search for her. She deserves to be with her family, and Nicole deserves justice. Below are some links and resources for more information.

Nicole & Arianna Fitts

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